The Sign Of Old Age

March 13, 2013


I woke up one morning to this sharp pain that caused my wrist immobile for that second. An ominous feeling flashed across and decided to make itself permanent.

Adopting the role of an escapist, I shruged off the unknown.

Till today.


Unexpected Innovation

March 8, 2013


Coffee in an ice cream tub. It was a sight to take in. With leftovers of the melted Chocolate Fudge Brownie in there, a mega latte was made. Passed around for all to sip, while some gulped, we were a family.

Pom Pom Art

February 19, 2013

(via Rachel Burke)

The obscurity between the real and the not.

Balls of yarn made to look like the real icy stuff, where the faint outline of the magnificent imagination one may have start to present clarity.

Do we always know what we want? Only when the choices present themselves, do we come to realization that we have somewhat been enclosed in a bubble? We are not able to explore the entirety, sometimes not because we do not want to, but we are simply limited.

It took me a darn long time to get to where I am. A feat that can yet to be called one.


February 10, 2013


For days filled with the sun, the sea, and undisturbed rest, it will be a holiday of much worth.

I will still miss the first sip in the morning, and everything that comes with it.

P.S. Please get well soon, poor arm.

A Bite

February 9, 2013

.. of you, and there is no turning back.


The path that I have chosen has been filled with pebbles and flies. They hurt and they annoy, but I can only focus on getting straight into your arms, seemingly like an eager toddler who just discovered the use of her legs.

With careless elegance, I will play the designed role. I will make you proud.

Kneading Fixation

February 1, 2013


The use of a KitchenAid ignored. It was lingering at the back of my mind, like a stubborn fly that refuses to give up when it has caught on to something good.

Like a fly I was, the determination surpassed the fatigue that awaited. With sore wrists and arms, I cursed a little, but still with a smile flashed. Somewhat filled with pride, the end result was a fluffy one, completely expelling the possibility of the nightmare of a rock that smelled like bread.

Everyone needs to sin somehow, so more butter the subsequent one would contain. Who would complain about the additional richness? Don’t be the old me, where butter was shunned like a plague. Embrace fats.

Embrace me. :)


January 23, 2013


Layers that appear visible are for you. Layers that stay hidden are meant for myself.

Have you been that dense to the point that I have to write in proper sentences, like churning out English essays, for you to not take me lightly?

Have you been that thick to the extent that I have to spell out everything so clearly before you know exactly what I am specifying?

Have I been wrong? No. Have I phrased my words ambiguously? Yes. Have I written my sentences in ways that you do not see in proper essays? Guilty. So? Wrong, you might suggest, but am I really wrong?

You want proper punctuation marks and sentence construction. Would you like to look elsewhere?

These are random posts I do, but there is no need for anyone to read beyond one’s wild imaginations and imply unnecessarily.

Yes, I might have been lazy in the way I structure my sentences. You might not like it, but why don’t you forget reading and digging. Pointless, no?

You would not be able to feel my frustrations, as you are completely unaware of what is going on. Has the world stopped spinning and we are deprived of the liberty to write in the manner I deem fit? My love for food and things I come across that impress me, cannot be expressed like love for a person? Ridiculous, no?

Has it occured to you that implications you make up might be due to the immense boredom you face in your life, resulting in the need to have that slightest bit of nonsensical fun. However that fun, might trigger hurt in the process, which you have yet to stop and ponder? Have your spiteful ways of brainless rambling been always harmless?

Do not kill my joy.